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Thursday 27 July 2017

Meet the S*xy Nigerian Female Soldier Who is Also a Rice Farmer (Photos)

Faith Ogochukwu
In this age when Nigeria is seeking to diversify the local economy against over reliance on crude oil, a Nigerian soldier is venturing into agriculture in her own little way. A female officer of the Nigerian Army who is identified as Faith Ogochukwu has gone into rice farming to augument her monthly earnings.
The light-skinned soldier shared pictures of herself actively working on her farm on Facebook to inspire Nigerian youths who might be indecisive about their next step in life.
She shared interesting photos on her Facebook yesterday evening and captioned them:
"Being a soldier and a farmer, went home to do my rice farm, since a bag of rice is now 20,000 maybe I can make more money by producing it. Join me and promote made in Nigeria rice"
See more photos of the beautiful soldier who has become an internet sensation:

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