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Monday 31 July 2017

Omg! 3-year-old Girl Disappears While Her Parents Had Dinner at Restaurant

Three-year-old Lucia was found dead by a train driver in the town of Pizarra in Spain
A little girl who went missing while her parents were having dinner at a restaurant, has been found in a shocking condition. A three-year-old girl has been found dead after she became separated from her parents and started playing on a railway track.
According to Daily Star UK, the toddler disappeared while her parents were dining at a restaurant next to a train station.
A huge missing person's search was launched in the town of Pizarra in the Andalusia region of Spain. But it ended in tragedy after little Lucia Vivar was found dead by a train driver next to the rails near where she had last been seen.
Lucia became separated from dad Antonio Vivar and his wife Almudena Hidalgo on Wednesday evening.
She was last seen at 11.20pm, playing with her cousins while her parents had dinner on the terrace of a restaurant.
Lucia then disappeared and it is thought that she began walking down the train tracks.
It is believed she then got tired and curled up beside the line before being hit by a passing train.
Lucia suffered terrible head injuries and an autopsy found she died from a brain trauma.
Neighbours, police and Spanish Civil Guard officers searched through the night to try and find the girl.
But the hunt was called off when the train driver informed the authorities of his gruesome discovery.
Service was temporarily suspended on the line while Lucia’s body was recovered.
Police are continuing to investigate but they are treating the case as an accidental death.
Jose Antonio Nieto, the secretary of State of Security, ruled out the possibility of Lucia being kidnapped.
The youngster’s death has shocked the town, which has a population of around 9,300 inhabitants.
Many locals feel it is strange that she was able to walk around for so long without being noticed by anybody.

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