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Thursday 27 July 2017

Omg: Man Promises to Marry His Girlfriend If Her Facebook Post Gets 500 Likes...See What Happened Next

Amanda Barr and Stuart Gunn
A man promised to marry his girlfriend if her Facebook gets as many as 500 likes, however something much more impressive happened. Women want long term commitment, men are resistant – or so the stereotype goes.
While we may all dream of meeting someone who wants to marry us without being paid, bargained with, or badgered into it (wouldn’t it be nice to get hitched to someone who actually wants the same in return), sometimes, things don’t run that smoothly.
That’s the case for Amanda Barr, anyway.
She’s been bugging her partner, Stuart Gunn to marry her for the past ten years, but he’s always put off making the legal commitment.
This week, Amanda came up with a way to finally get a wedding: Facebook.
Amanda managed to get Stuart to agree to marry her if she got 500 likes on a Facebook post.
‘So as many of you already know me and Stuart has Been together now for 13 years we have 3 amazing beautifull children, a lovely home, we are happy and content,’ Amanda wrote on Facebook.
‘The only problem is my last name!! [I’ve] been nagging him for the past 10 years now to get married but no luck such as yet!!
‘So enough is enough now I’m not getting any younger I would love to be married by next year.
‘So Stuart has said if I get 500 likes and 50 shares by the end of this month he will propose this year and set a date for next year.
‘So I need all mine and Stuart’s family and friends to share and like the hell out of this post. LETS GET ME DOWN THE AISLE GUYS.’
The post has since received more than 24,000 likes, and racked up the necessary 500 likes within 55 minutes, so it’s safe to say that Stuart is now officially obligated to tie the knot.
‘I can’t believe it has gone like it has,’ said Amanda. ‘I’ve had messages from Australia, Poland, and America.’
It sounds like Stuart will be sticking to his end of the bargain.
‘If 22,000 people reckon I should marry Amanda then I should get on with it,’ he said. ‘It’s about time.’
Getting on with getting married out of social obligation and pressure from the internet. So romantic.
Via Metro UK

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