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Saturday 22 July 2017

Omg! Man Trying to Steal a Car is Shocked to Find the Owner Having S*x Inside It (Video)

The thief was caught off guard
A man who was trying to steal a car and make away with it, has ended up receiving a serious surprise instead, as he finds a couple having s*x in it. A rather hilarious video has shown the moment three people were caught in the act: one trying to steal, the other two having s*x.
In the video, a would-be thief had his plot foiled when he opened the door to a car he was targeted only to find the owner having s*x inside.
The surprised owner jumped out with his trousers still round his ankles then gave chase.
According to Metro UK, the incident happened in a quiet part of Wu’an City, China.
He was unable to catch the man so asked for the CCTV footage so that he could give it to local police saying the thief ‘only took three seconds to force open the door.’
He added: ‘Had I not been there, my car would definitely have been stolen.'
He declined to answer what he was doing inside the car when he was caught or explain why the car was rocking before the thief opened the door.
Watch the video below:

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