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Monday 17 July 2017

Oscar Award Winning Actor, Martin Landau Dies At 89

Martin Landau, the legendary actor who starred in the 1960s television show
 "Mission: Impossible" and won an Oscar for playing Bela Lugosi in the movie "Ed Wood
," is dead.
His publicist Dick Guttman said he died on Saturday at the age of 89 at 
UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles following "unexpected complications during
 a short hospitalization".
Late Landau was born June 28, 1928, in Brooklyn and worked as a cartoonist
 for the New York Daily News before becoming an actor. His career spanned the
 decades. In 1957 he had a part in the play "Middle of the Night,"
 with Edward G. Robinson and ended up on the West Coast, according to
 the Internet Movie Database.

Landau was best known to the public for playing master of disguise
 Rollin Hand for a top-secret spy team in the 1960's series "Mission: Impossible,"
 in which his then-wife Barbara Bain also starred.


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