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Friday 7 July 2017

Pants and Bra Display: Curvy Nigerian Lady Bares it all on Instagram (Photos)

As some full figured ladies across the world are hustling to burn the fat despite the high cost, one of them has decided to rake in cash with her massive figure
The Supreme Duchess is a Nigerian international model who shuttles between her local country and the United Kingdom where she gets modeling jobs.
She has made encouraging progress working with lingerie lines in showcasing wears towards a boost in patronage.
Her full name is currently unknown but she has been described as a very confident lady who isn't scared to show off her big body to the world.
She is currently being managed by a foreign photographer named Andor Bourdoir who has been in charge of her mouth-watering pictures that reeks of s*x appeal.
See more photos of the Supreme Duchess below:

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