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Wednesday 19 July 2017

Perv Alert: See the Driver Who Lured Woman Into His Bus Before Performing S*x Act on Himself (Photo)

Mohammed Uddin
A bus driver has been nabbed after allegedly luring a young lady into his vehicle before he went ahead to pleasure himself. Mohammed Uddin, a depraved bus driver has been jailed after s*xually assaulting a woman and performing a s*x act on himself.
According to Daily Star UK, Mohammed Uddin lured a French tourist onto his bus near Oxford Circus, London, and pretended to help her with directions.
After she boarded, he persuaded the 25-year-old to go onto the top deck with him to help fix an alarm.
But as they got to the rear window, he sexually assaulted the unsuspecting victim.
After she tried to run away, he cornered her and began to pleasure himself.
He only stopped after four minutes to use the emergency door release, and the woman was able to escape.
Udin, 25, then returned to work as a bus driver on April 30.
Two weeks later, Uddin was charged with one count of sexual assault on a female, one count of false imprisonment and one count of public nuisance.
He was jailed for two years after pleading guilty to all offences.
TfL’s head of transport policing Siwan Hayward said: “Uddin’s behaviour was sickening and I condemn his actions.

“Our passengers have the right to expect the highest standards of behaviour and customer care from transport staff across the capital. Uddin used his position of trust to prey on his victim.”

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