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Friday 7 July 2017

Quickie S*x Goes Wrong as Soldier was Publicly Humiliated by a Prostitute...

A bed-hopping army officer was yesterday detained and humiliated by a commercial s*x worker who accused him of stealing from her after spending the night in her apartment for a s*x session. 
there was a mild drama experienced by motorists and pedestrians on Thursday after a bed-hopping soldier in Zimbabwe was publicly humiliated by a prostitute who accused him of stealing her mobile phone after a s*x session. 
According to a report by H-Metro, the hormy army officer identified as Thulani, was seen on the road being dragged by a self-confessed commercial s*x worker only identified as Abby, who took Thulani to Gaul Court along Samora Machael Avenue in Zimbabwe.

“This man is a soldier and he will not go to work until he returns my cellphone. Andibira phone yangu yangairipasi pepiro,” said Abby, holding Thulani’s belt. 
“He hooked up with me last night (Wednesday) and he slept at my apartment only to be told by my roommate Melissa that he went away with my mobile phone and I followed him. What tricked me is how he got Melissa contact number and she is the one he was communicating with,” said Abby as she searched Thulani’s bag.
While speaking to a correspondent, Thulani denied stealing Abby’s mobile phone saying the hooker wanted to extort him. “To be honest my brother, this lady wants to extort me. I didn’t take her mobile phone as alleged, but she is the one who left me sleeping in her room,” said Thulani.
“I had to call Melissa since Abby’s mobile phone was not reachable and she was nowhere to be found only to come and humiliate me, shouting at the top of her voice, accusing me of stealing her mobile phone. 

"I am supposed to be at work by now, she dragged me, threatening to humiliate me further if I did not comply her orders to return to her apartment to have my bag searched,” said Thulani, begging for mercy from Abby

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