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Tuesday 25 July 2017

See the Female Suicide Bomber Stripped After She was Caught Trying to Attack a Village in Borno State (Photos)

The female Boko Haram member after she was caught and stripped
Many lives were saved after vigilant security operatives nabbed a deadly female Boko Haram suicide bomber and stripped her. Luck has ran out on a young female Boko Haram member trying to blow up a village in Borno state as she was caught by security operatives who stripped her and saved many lives.
According to @AustynZOGS‏ who shared the photos on social media, the "female suicide bomber [was caught] trying to infiltrate Kawuri in Konduga LGA, Borno State [and] was arrested by security operatives. The female suicide bomber, who was on obvious mission of committing mayhem, was spotted by a vigilant sentry while trying to access the military location. Fortunately, she was apprehended before carrying out her deadly mission."


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