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Wednesday 19 July 2017

Shocker: Man Performing Black Magic Leaves Pins Stuck Inside the Body of a 3-year-old Girl (Photos)

An X-ray shows the needles that were shoved into the young girl’s body (Picture: SWNS)
A man performing black magic has ended up leaving as many as seven long pins inside the body of a very young girl. These are the horrifying X-ray pictures showing seven two-inch long pins stuck inside a three-year-old girl by a man accused of torturing her using ‘black magic’.
According to Metro UK, the unnamed child, from the Bankura district of West Bengal, India, was admitted to SSKM Hospital in Kolkata.
Doctors discovered there were several needles inserted in her abdomen and she had a broken arm.
The girl was operated on Tuesday as the doctors were still trying to stabilise her and help her bring out of the trauma.
Seven pins had to be surgically removed from her body (Picture: SWNS)
According to the doctors the mother of the victim told the doctors that needles were there inside her body for the past 15 to 20 days.
The girl was taken to the hospital in on Saturday after she was allegedly physically abused by an elderly person who employs her mother as a domestic help.
Earlier the doctors couldn’t take out the needles fearing further damage to her body.
They kept her under observation for two days in a stable condition.
A man in his 50s, who is also accused of practising black magic, employed the girl’s mother as a domestic worker.
Police are investigating and he has been arrested on child abuse charges.

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