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Tuesday 25 July 2017

Shocker: N*ked Man Cuts Off His Own P*nis in Broad Daylight, Runs Through the Streets Covered in Blood

The man went wild
A n*ked man has shocked people with his unbelievable acts after cutting off his own p*nis in broad daylight and charging at police officers. Photos have shown the shocking moment a n*ked maniac who cut his p*nis off charges at police before being tasered.
According to a report by The Sun UK, the harrowing footage shows the distressed man — believed to be high on acid or synthetic drugs — screaming at residents trapped in their Chicago garden.
He shouts nonsense before turning to police who rushed to the corner of Grace Street and Drake Avenue yesterday.
Heavily bleeding from his crotch, he is filmed walking towards cops just opposite a primary school.
Onlookers can be heard screaming “calm down” before he dramatically charges towards a female officer screaming “get outta here b****”.
She quickly draws her taser and shouts at him to “get on the ground” before she fires and the n*ked man is floored behind her squad car.
“Oh my God, bro. Shoot his a**. Shoot that mother f****r”, the cameraman screams. “This is a time when you shoot people!”.
More Chicago police cars then arrive at the scene and the man is further tasered and taken into custody.
Published online today, the video has been met with shock and speculation over possible drug-induced psychosis.
Witness Eriz Gonzalez said: “I went to visit my boy after work, and when I parked up I seen (n*ked guy still clothed) rolling around in the middle of the street.

“People were around him and he started cussing him out and pushing them. They left, and he stripped but ass n*ked in the middle of the street.

“I left my car and chilled with my boy outside to see whats going on.
“Mind you, this is literally across the street from an elementary school, which kids were present.

“He went to random peoples’ houses, broke their windows and started hitting and bashing windows of a randomly parked car, n*ked of course.

“We stayed out to see if he was going to bash our, however he started to come towards us.

“We closed and locked the gate, and at that point the police came.”

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