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Sunday 23 July 2017

Unbelievable: Tears Flow as 16 People Roast to Death In Ife Accident...Tragic Details

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As many as 16 persons have perished in a really ghastly motor accident that occurred in an Osun State community. No fewer than sixteen people were burnt to death on Sunday in a fatal accident in Ife-Ife, Osun State, when an 18-seater passenger Totoya Hiase bus lost control and collided with a diesel laden tanker, The Nation reports.
According to eye witness account, the accident that happened around 12 noon occured when the driver of the ill-fated bus, who reportedly was on top speed rammed into the tanker, making a u-turn along Ibadan road.
The bus marked (LAGOS) MUS 702 XH caught fire on the spot  and trapped its occupants, who reportedly made frantic effort to escape to no avail.
The bus was said to be coming from Ore in Ondo State and heading to Ibadan when the incident occured.
Newsmen, who were at the scene of the crash, counted thirteen bodies of the victims, including three children, lying on bare floor infront of a filling station, the Energy Petrol Station, apart from three already evacutaed by the medical team from the Seventh Day Adventist for inmediate attention.
Sympathizers attempted to assist the victims before the arrival of the men Fire Service at the scene.
Two eye witneses, Oladele Mutiu and Gbenga Oluwole, who narrated the gory scene, said axes were used to help out the victims, who they said were pressed down by heavy loads and used vehicles’ engines.
The eye witnesses linked the crash to over speeding by the driver of the bus.

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