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Friday 11 August 2017

Benue Government Speaks on 'Plan' to Sack Workers

All Progressives Congress chieftain Samuel Ortom has played down reports of a rumoured sack of civil servants in the middlebelt state. 
Benue State Government yesterday denied that it was planning to downsize its workforce.
Commissioner for Finance, David Olofu, dismissed the speculation, insisting that the Samuel Ortom administration was not considering laying off workers in the state service.
Olofu said: “Retrenchment of staff and half payment of salaries are the options available to us as a government. But like you know the disposition of the governor, he does not subscribe to the options.

“This is because of the nature of the economy of our state. He is somebody who has lived all his live in Benue State and he knows that to every worker in Benue, there are about four to five dependents, so he has never, since I started working with him, considered any of those two options.
“Our neighboring states, of course went for one of those options but that equally has not solved the problem.
“So, what we ask for is the understanding of our people. Let them know that when the situation improves, we will do everything to achieve and meet their needs.
“Like I have always mentioned, we need to make our agriculture more competitive which is where we have comparative advantage. Because as an investor, I would ask myself why should I come to Benue, what am I coming to do here that I cannot do in other states that have lower logistics cost?
“So, we need to make our agriculture more competitive. That is what the government is doing now by opening up our rural areas. And in no distant time, we will surely get there and our people would have every reason to laud this administration.”

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