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Friday 11 August 2017

Murderers Caught on Camera Carrying Dead Victim's Body Inside a Wheelie Bin While Trying to Dump It (Photos+Video)

  Murderers have been caught on camera carrying their dead victim's body inside a wheelie bin as they tried to dispose of it. A really chilling CCTV has shown two murderers trying to get rid of the body of a popular fundraiser using a wheelie bin.
According to Daily Star UK, the killers Brett Edwards, 38, and Thomas Killen, 33, began life sentences today (August 11) after they were convicted of the murder of James Woodhouse, whose body lay undiscovered for 10 days, over a £700 drug debt.
After the verdict on Thursday (August 10), police released haunting footage showing the two men dragging a wheelie bin across the city in a desperate bid to dump the 30-year-old victim's body.
It was filmed on November 20 last year - a horrific nine days after the defendants were filmed turning up at a flat to dish out the fatal beating.
Mr Woodhouse's decomposing body was then discovered inside the flat in Exeter, Devon, a day later – still partially inside the wheelie bin.
The trial heard he was beaten to death and wrapped in bedding held together by duct tape.
The two defendants, both from Exeter, had denied murder and blamed each other for the attack.
KILLERS: Thomas Killen (l) and Brett Edwards (r) were found guilty of Mr Woodhouse's murder
But after a jury at Exeter Crown Court took less than a day to find them guilty, Judge Sir John Royce ruled they must serve a minimum of 17 years for the murder of James.
He said: "They were both in it together. They went there in order to be violent to Woodhouse.

"The two of you [Edwards and Killen] carried out a vicious assault against this poor defenceless man who stood no chance.
"You left this man unconscious and dying and calmly locked him in the flat and left. Neither of you appeared to care a jot that his body was decomposing.

"I am satisfied he was lured to the flat by you Edwards, which has been plotted by you Killen. James Woodhouse has been tricked. You two went there knowing a severe beating was to be delivered."
Mr Woodhouse, originally from York had lived in Exeter for the past seven years.
Detective Inspector Gregg Dawe said: "We welcome today's sentence. This is a tragic case of a man falling victim to a life of drugs, to which he paid the ultimate price.

"Our thoughts are with the victim's family who have remained dignified throughout, and I hope that this verdict and sentence will bring some comfort to them."

Watch the video below:

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