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Friday, 18 August 2017

New Trend Alert! V*gina Nails Become Latest Beauty Trend for Women as It Sweeps the Internet (Photos)


There appears to be a new nail trend, "The V*gina Nails" as many women are now requesting that genitalia be painted on their nails. While some are very graphic, others are subtle. 

A trend currently making waves on the social media by women across the world involves embossing some pretty realistic v*gina shapes to create a statement nail design on nails, as many women are now getting vulva manicures in the unusual trend sweeping the internet.
According to a Nail Cafe owner, V*ginas aren't as appreciated as much as they should be, but a new beauty trend could change all that.
She said; "Women are celebrating their v*ginas by requesting a painting of vulvas on their nails, making it the next big trend in nail art."
Below are more photos of the V*gina-inspired nail art culled from Instagram;

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