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Friday, 18 August 2017

Notorious Boko Haram Commander Who Murdered Gallant Leader of Hunters in Adamawa State Finally Killed (Photo)

A deadly Boko Haram commander who recently murdered some hunters in Adamawa state has been killed. 
A notorious Boko Haram commander identified as Bulayaga who killed Commander Bukar Jimeta, leader of hunters in Adamawa State, has been shot dead. He died on Wednesday,  August 16 by hunters.
Commander Bukar and three of his men were killed by Boko Haram insurgents on Saturday, July 22 during an ambush in Dagu village, which borders Askira Uba in Borno State, while pushing back an attack on the village by the insurgents.
A local hunter who managed to escape said the insurgents had attacked the village in large numbers but were repelled by the hunters group.
“We engaged them in a fierce battle to the extent that our ammunition got exhausted. We wanted to dodge but our commander insisted that we should continue. Seeing their (Boko Haram) sophisticated weapons, we sneaked back but Bukar Jimeta continued with the fight.

“They couldn’t kill him with gun, so they resorted to use axe on him, this was how he was killed. Indeed, we lost a gallant fighter,’’ the source said.
Residents in surrounding villages said they were awoken by sounds of gunshots from the direction of Dagu that night.

“These hunters have been helping in mopping up remnants of Boko Haram who usually come to loot food stuff and rustle cows,” a fleeing resident who identified himself as Umaru said.
“This time, they came in large numbers with military uniforms. Hunters led by Bukar Jimeta engaged them in a fierce battle. He killed many before he was killed with axe. A deep axe-cut was found on his dead body,’’ he said.

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