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Thursday 3 August 2017

Popular Singer Bursts Into Tears After a Prostitute He Paid for the Night, Stole His iPhone, Cash (Photos)

Popular Bongo singer, Mr Nice, burst into tears screaming after a prostitute he paid for the night reportedly stole his iPhone and money at a guest house. Popular Tanzanian Bongo singer, Mr Nice's iPhone and Tsh230,000 was last Wednesday, reportedly stolen by a commercial s*x worker at a guest house in Dar es Salaam area of the country.
It was gathered that he had hired the lady for the night, only to wake up around 11am and realise that she had already left and that his phone and cash were missing.
Mr Nice reportedly burst into tears and started screaming. His screams attracted a crowd, which launched a search for the commercial s*x worker identified as Happy, who was later found in the neighbourhood and handed over to the police.
Multiple reports later revealed that the police from Magomeni post later released Happy after claiming she took the phone because it belonged to her “lover”, and that she had asked Mr Nice for the money to buy medicine for her ailing brother.

“He mistook me for a thief, when I stepped out and took long to return to the guest room,” said Happy.

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