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Friday 11 August 2017

Serious Drama as Police Officer Leaks N*ked Photos of His Lover After She Dumped Him


A police officer has caused some serious stir after he leaked his lover's n*ked photos because she dumped him. James Washington Chibwana, a Zimbabwean man shocked people after he recently released his ex lover's photos.
According to H-Metro, the jilted man allegedly leaked his lover’s nude pictures after their breakup. Priscilla Huswa’s nude photographs are now circulating on social media.
Priscilla is a cop stationed at Rujeko police station.
James, who separated with Priscilla some few years ago rushed to blame the latter saying he found the pictures in his mobile phone. Priscilla has accused James of circulating the photographs.
She believes James wants her to lose her job as a police officer. Police details are required to adhere to strict code of conduct.
“James wants to tarnish my image in Masvingo since I am a police officer. He separated with his wife long ago and the wife is now based in South Africa. I fell in love with him and co-habited with him unaware that he was just looking for someone to look after him. He is a man of no fixed abode, a womanizer. That is why I decided to leave him. I regret posing for nude photographs and falling in love with him, this issue is affecting me daily” she said.
Communicating to the phone number registered under James was responded to by someone supposedly his wife and calling herself Joy.
"I am not aware of the photographs you are talking about and I never leaked them as alleged,” she said via whatsapp.

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