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Wednesday 2 August 2017

Shocker: Man Goes for Walk Along Beach at Night Only to Stumble Across Something Incredible (Video)

The man saw something incredible on the beach
A man who went out for a walk at night, has ended up stumbling across something quite strange and rather scary. A really bizarre footage has captured the moment two friends discovered a mysterious creature washed up on shore.
According to Daily Star UK, John Roy and a pal were strolling along Nantucket Beach in Massachusetts, US, earlier this week when they made the shocking discovery.
In front of them, stretched out on the sand, was the decomposing body of a mysterious ocean beast.
The video shows the scaly creature’s body has flattened and bizarre teeth-like objects protrude from its body.
It also appears to have fins and bouncy skin.
“Is it a dinosaur? I genuinely don’t know what it is,” one of the men says.
Another asks: “What is it? A walrus? It’s got ribs right here. Maybe.”
The camera continues to pan along the rotting flesh of the bizarre-looking animal.
“What the f*** is that s***? I’m going with whale but it’s just so strange,” one of the men says.
“If that is his skull why would the teeth be back here? It’s a lot weirder than I thought it would be.”
John posted the video online with the caption: “Dead whale washed up on high tide. No idea what kind it is.”
And it seems viewers are just as confused, with one saying: “What the fresh hell is this? Looks like it just landed on the planet.”
Watch the video below: 

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