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Friday 11 August 2017

Shocker: Mother Nabbed After Trying to Mail Her Own Baby to a Orphanage Inside Plastic Bags (Photo)


A young woman has been busted after she tried to mail her own baby to an orphanage wrapped up in plastic bags. A 24-year-old Chinese woman identified as Lou is currently under police investigation in Fuzhou, China after she attempted to mail her newborn baby to an orphanage wrapped in plastic bags. 
According to local reports, the baby is currently in a stable condition at a hospital in the southeastern city.
Fuzhou police says she's in custody for suspected child abandonment, as investigations continue. 
Luo placed the baby girl inside several black plastic bags and then refused to let a courier inspect the contents of her package when he arrived to pick it up.
The courier, already on his way for delivery, became suspicious when he detected movement and noises from inside the package and was shocked to find a live baby when he opened it.

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