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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Shocker: Popular Pastor Exposed After R*ping Church Member and Getting Her Pregnant

A pastor who was sexually assaulting his own church member, has been exposed after the woman got pregnant. 
According to a The Hearld report, a popular Five Fold Ministries pastor in Zimbabwe allegedly r*ped a congregant, who is now pregnant, on five occasions.
The pastor, Admire Maurukira (29), reportedly committed the offence with the help of his friend, Kudakwashe Rwodzi, who is also a pastor.
This was after Rwodzi locked the two inside a house in Chitungwiza, resulting in Maurukira r*ping the complainant.
Maurukira has since appeared before Chitungwiza regional magistrate Ms Estere Chivasa, facing five counts of rape.
Ms Chivasa has remanded Maurukira out of custody to August 25 on $200 bail.
The prosecutor, Mr Tendai Mukariri, alleged that on the date unknown to him in August last year, the complainant (21) was “under attack by evil spirits”, when she was taken to Maurukira’s house in Zengeza 1. Maurukira allegedly prayed for her and “she was delivered”.
After a week, Maurukira allegedly called her father to come and collect anointing oil for her.
Instead, the father sent her and upon arrival, was prayed for by Maurukira.
After a few minutes, Maurukira’s friend, Rwodzi, arrived and he allegedly promised to accompany the two upon leaving.
They went to board a commuter omnibus, when Maurukira reportedly begged the pair to pass through his other house in St Mary’s.
When they arrived, the complainant set on a chair before Rwodzi locked the door from outside, promising to come back.
Maurukira allegedly took advantage of the situation and allegedly instructed her to comply as he was going to end her spiritual problems.
Maurukira allegedly lifted the complainant and placed her on the bed, where he raped her while gagging her mouth.
After committing the offence, Maurukira told her not to reveal it to anyone. His friend returned to unlock the door and later released the complainant.
Maurukira also raped the complainant four times from December last year to April this year.
She fell pregnant and Maurukira advised her to abort, but she refused.
The matter came to light in July when complainant’s aunt was alerted by their neighbour, a nurse, who observed that she was pregnant.
The matter was reported to the police leading to Maurukira’s arrest.

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