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Thursday 3 August 2017

Unbelievable: Prostitutes Storm Notorious Thief's Burial, Offer Free S*x to All the Mourners

Photo credit: H-Metro
Prostitutes have caused quite a stir after they stormed the burial of a notorious thief, and offered free s*x to all the mourners. In what will come across as a really shocking development, it has been revealed that there was free s*x galore in Mbare, Zimbabwe on Monday and Tuesday night as prostitutes mourned a serial thief by offering free s*x to all mourners.
They described the late thief who succumbed to tuberculosis as a s*x maniac.
According to H-Metro, the infamous thief identified as Masiyas Mesiyas is also said to be the one who stole Jamaican artiste Elephant Man’s cellphone when he came into the country a few years ago.
Mbare residents say Mesiyas was in the same league with the late thief Borris who died near Zindoga Shopping centre in a speed chase with police. The funeral was themed ‘Birwai, Sv***ai' as thieving, drug abuse and s*x topped the funeral wake. S*x workers said Mesiyas was their regular client.

“Mesiyas was a well-known thief but one of the things we have known him for as s*x workers in Mbare is that he loved s*x and was our regular client. We had no money to contribute in planning the funeral arrangements, but we offered what we know best and male mourners who came for the funeral could get s*x for free,” said one of the hookers who identified herself as Busi.
Family spokesperson Brandon Chikukwa confirmed that mourners at the funeral were being treated to free s*x by hookers.
“I have never seen anything like what I witnessed from Monday night when my uncle died. People were celebrating his life in different ways, as they were having s*x in cars and at night, people would just go anywhere private and start having s*x. The service was being offered by the prostitutes for free to everyone who attended, we just hope they were wearing condoms. As a family we do not condone what was happening but there was nothing we could do because he was a people’s person. They were doing what they thought was best to pay their last respects to him,” said Chikukwa.

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