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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Alexis Sanchez's Girlfriend Fingered in His Fitness Problem

Mayte Rodriguez
It doesn't seem to matter where the pacy 28-year-old goes, he cannot help running into problems as he reels in a fresh one. It seems that Alexis Sanchez cannot escape controversy at the moment.
With Arsenal, the attacker has been criticised for fans failing to commit his future to the side with less than a year remaining on his contract and does not want to play for the club again , while for the national team he faces an altogether different problem.
With Chile struggling to qualify for the World Cup, losing 1-0 in Bolivia earlier in the week thereby missing out on the opportunity to leapfrog Argentina into the playoff spot, fans in his homeland are launching a campaign against his girlfriend Mayte Rodriguez.
A Facebook page has been set up titled: ‘March so that Alexis ends it with Mayte and returns to his level to reach the 2018 World Cup in Russia.’
Over 55,000 users have indicated that they will join the event, while another 68,000 claim they are interested in it. 
Alexis, who started dating Mayte earlier this year, had previously been criticised for being “fatter than normal” by ex-Chile Under-20 boss Jose Sulantay. 

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