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Monday, 4 September 2017

Anybody Who Sleeps along with Ooni from Ife's Ex-Wife May Die ... See Details

Baseding on typical ideas, any kind of guy that copulates the past Olori from the Ooni from Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi may spend for his oversight along with his dear everyday life.

Yemi Elebuibon

' In Yoruba custom, a female that has actually been actually wed to a master can easily certainly

not set along with some other guy even when the marital relationship separates. Yet when the best satisfactions have actually been actually created, there will not be actually complication'.

A well-known Ifa clergyman determined as Yemi Elebuibon, has actually prompted the Ooni's ex-queen, Olori Wuraola to undertake needed typical purifying procedure to restore ordinary live.

Baseding on the Ifa Priest the separation in between the Ooni and also his better half is actually certainly not typical amongst Yoruba Obas, claimed; 'The other half from the Oba will certainly be actually inquired to speak to Ifa as well as Ifa will certainly provide paths on just how she will definitely create the needed satisfaction for her purifying.

He likewise referred to the concerns the Ooni's ex-wife may run into if she decideds not to go through the typical purifying ceremonies;

'For the female, she could certainly not definitely possess a trouble however, for any sort of male that copulates a queen or even weds an ex-queen without the suitable cleaning, the male could pass away too soon, he might be actually blown along with health issues or even there could be retrogression in his everyday life'.

He even further mentioned that if an ex-queen desires to remarry, she will certainly need to perform the purifying along with her brand new other half. 'Any marital relationship she would certainly be actually entering should certainly not be actually sophisticated. They must progress out and also prevent any sort of luxuriant wedding ceremony,' Elebuibon included.

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