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Monday, 4 September 2017

‘Gifty was living in my house before and after she went for Big Brother Naija’ -Mr. 2kay

Mr 2kay
Still talking about their love gone sour which he blamed on horoscope, Mr. 2Kay who was interviewed by HipTV, revealed that he accommodated Gifty in his house before she made it to Big Brother.

Mr. 2Kay further revealed things he did for Gifty that helped make her what she is today;
‘Getting to where she is today, I supported her, all glory to God. Even when I got her in my video it was to support her, to see that she grows from where she was to another level’.
I opened her Instagram for her, I opened her Snapchat for her, I opened her Twitter page for her. The only thing I didn’t open for Gifty was Facebook. .I did all that for her to support her. Few days ago when someone needed her for something I gave her number but if she was in my position she would not give my number out,’ said
He also claimed Gifty was living with him before she left for Big Brother;
‘It was from my house to Big Brother, she came back from Big Brother back to me house,’ he said.

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