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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Shocking: Heartbroken Woman Receives Mother's Day Card From Her Son a Day Before His Tragic Death (Photo)

A completely heartbroken woman has received a Mother's Day card from her son who was found dead just the day before. 
Lyn Wilcock, a heartbroken 65-year-old mum has told how she received a Mother's Day card from her "loving" son the day after he was found hanged from a railway bridge.
According to The Sun UK, the woman fought back tears at the inquest into 40-year-old Kristian Millard’s death as she told how he had beaten a long-standing battle with heroin and cocaine addiction.
However, he had become crippled by debt after embarking on a fine arts degree at Hull College and blowing his student funds on online gambling.
At Monday’s inquest Lyn shared Kristian’s card, which read: “To the best mum. Lots of love, Kristian xx."
She said: "It was a Moonpig card, with photos of the two of us on it. It arrived the day after he died, in time for Mother's Day. One of the photos was taken in January - it was the last photo taken of him.

"I'm devastated. He was a loving son. If only he'd have held on a little while longer, everything would have been OK. He sabotaged his life.

"He had been off drugs for six years. We attended a ceremony at Renew, the drug and alcohol service. We had tears in our eyes. He was so proud that he'd beaten drugs. We all were.

"But for Kristian, gambling was even more dangerous than heroin."
Lyn told how Kristian left a handwritten note at the scene in east Hull.
Lyn said: "In the note, Kristian had written, 'I have another addiction. I can't go through it again."

"He's been gambling three years. The only thing he was in credit with was his gas and electricity.
"And that's only because they were pre-paid.

"Kristian was being bombarded with emails from online betting companies offering him free bets. He got completely sucked in."
A cyclist discovered Kristian’s body, at 3am on March 23.
In 2011, Kristian tackled his demons by completing a 12-step detox programme and had remained drug-free.
However, he continued to be plagued by depression, which first presented in childhood when he had attempted to take his own the inquest heard.
Rosemary Baxter, coroner for Hull and the East Riding, said Mr Millard's note, his battle with depression and the lack of illicit drugs or alcohol in his system enabled her to reach a verdict of suicide.
She said: "I am satisfied beyond all reasonable doubt that Kristian took his own life and that he intended to do so.”

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