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Thursday 5 October 2017

Born-again Actor, Majid Michel Explains Addiction to Masturbation

Majid Michel 
Handsome actor, Majid Michel is living up to his new religious role as a pastor as he has spoken on some societal ills affecting youths. Ghanaian actor who is now a pastor, Majid Michel has warned youths to desist from masturbation, explaining that though it may not be found in the bible, but it is completely a sinful act.
Majid while speaking in an interview on Starr FM's Chat on Wednesday, confessed that he was formerly in love with masturbation when he was far younger.
“I think that every adolescent has masturbated before. I feel guilty about it, I feel very dirty about it…there’s a lot of debate about masturbation being a sin or not but I think it’s a sin.

“There is nothing said about it in the Bible, nowhere in the scripture…[but] it is a sin completely”, he told show host, Bola Ray. 
The actor turned pastor also cautioned youths to seriously desist from watching p*rnography, that it is the tool of the devil to corrupt their thoughts and mind.

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