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Monday 13 November 2017

Slay Queen Exposes Her Friends Who Allegedly Use Their Wombs for Rituals, Use Juju to Trap Men (Photos)

A young lady on social media has called out her friends as she accused them of using fetish means to trap boys with rituals, as well as using their wombs for rituals. A Facebook slay queen identified as Diamond Sophia Oyemen, has taken to the social networking platform to call out her friends whom she accused of using their wombs for rituals and also trap boys with rituals. 
Sophia who revealed further that they dragged her to the ritualist house, shared their photos on her Facebook page and wrote:

"U haven’t seen anything must I join in ur jazz business of trapping men using ur womb for rituals u girls are not ashamed dragging me to go with u to a native doctor’s house no b by force to do jazz live ur life."
In another post, she shared a side by side photo of one the girls and a boy whom she allegedly trapped using juju, she wrote;
"Abeg no go use jazz kill dis boy,d jazz wey u don use too much free am make e go find better girl for himself no b girl wey dey do jazz, Na crime say d guy b dey find relationship. She wrote."
See photos of her accused friends below:

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