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Monday, 13 November 2017

Slay Queen Who Exposed Her Friends Who Trap Men With 'Juju' Dragged to Police Station (Photos)

Many people have attacked a Nigerian woman calling her all manner of names after she exposed her friends who allegedly use African juju to trap men. 
A Nigerian woman by name Diamond Sophia Oyemen who shocked many people today after she called out her friends who reportedly trap men with charms and also use their wombs for the rituals to make the voodoo potent has been dragged to a police station in Benin.
Oyemen had today also alleged that one of her friend is HIV positive.
Sophia was dragged to the police station by her friends today
Oyemen who made the shocking revelation on Facebook was dragged to the police station by her friends who alleged that she assassinated their character. 
One of Sophia's friend accused of having HIV 
It has been revealed now that prior to the revelation, Oyemen had a serious misunderstanding with the friends which made her make the shocking allegation. At the police station, she was forced to recant her statement and apologize over the incident.
The friends were seen in the video telling social media users that the problem has been settled. But, many commenters on the video lambasted them for making mockery of themselves, as some believe the allegations may be true.
Sophia shared this photo of her friend accusing them of using charms to trap men
Someone wrote: "Foolish girls, when una Don disgrace una sef nah lie oooh juju nor be any fake una yansh Don open.

We agree is anger but mind you anything said out of anger is nothing but the truth."

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