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Friday 12 January 2018

How Edo Engineer Who Was Nearly Evicted By His Landlady Emerged N20 Million Lottery Winner

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An engineer who won the whooping 'Give 'n' Take N20 million' National Jackpot Bonanza, has revealed how he almost got evicted by his landlady. A 35-year-old Engineer from Edo State identified as Mr. Sidney Osahon, who won the ‘Give ‘n’ Take N20 million’ National Jackpot Bonanza said, his landlady almost ejected his family hours before he won the lottery. 
According to Vanguard, Osahon, who disclosed this at a news briefing organised by Give `n` Take National Lottery in Abuja, said he was threatened by his landlady on his way to claim the prize. 
He said his family was being threatened by his landlady before he received the call that changed his life.
He said, “My mother is still alive, my father passed on last year. So we couldn’t pay our rent and we were almost thrown out of our house.

“My landlady gave us quit notice. As I was coming out to claim my prize, she sent a text message that she will soon be at the house to give me a show down.”
Osahon revealed that he had been playing the Give `n` take National lottery from the beginning in June 2017, but just got lucky now.

“Last week Sunday while watching the jackpot, and I saw my ticket number, I was in tears, I told God that I was tired of embarrassment of rent and I am moving into my house.

“The interesting thing about this win is that there was another bonanza draw the first one, I did not win. But the person who won apparently did not show up to pick his ticket.

“What this means is that if the person had showed up, I wouldn’t have been the winner, but God just got it for me. Today I am twenty million naira richer.

“The whole thing is like a dream but I am living that dream. I say a big thank you to Give ‘n’ Take national lottery; they have changed my life for good. Now I am a landlord,” he said.
In his address, Jolly Enabulele, Managing Director, Give ‘n’ Take National Lottery, said the N20 million lottery prize from available records is the biggest in the history of lottery in Nigeria.

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