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Friday 12 January 2018

Nigerian Actor, Yomi Fabiyi Struck By Massive Tragedy

Yomi Fabiyi
Nigerian actor, director and film producer, Yomi Fabiyi is presently bereaved following the demise of his aged mother. It’s rather a sad time for Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi, as the actor has lost his dear mother.
The Nollywood actor disclosed the news that his late mother lived a fulfilled life as she knew and was prepared to leave this sinful world which made her send for her church members to come pray for her.
Yomi Fabiyi and his late mother
She died in her sleep leaving behind, children, grandchildren to portray the good legacy she has taught them. Yomi took to his instagram page to share the bad news with a picture he took with his mum with caption saying:
“When God says no one will see him, I take it that he meant we should see him through our MOTHERS. You are my small-God and the most loyal being. Mum, I was told be you passed on, you requested for your church members to come and pray for you and you left in your quiet but peaceful sleep while everyone was also around you. Your son, grand-children and friends.

“Just past 12 yesternight I was speaking about mothers to few women where I was and how great I value mothers and virtuous women, what a sign. You lived a good life mum, we lived all my life together. In all honesty, you can pass for a sinless being. Go and rest mum. YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING MUM. You have played your part. Go and Rest. Just don't go into deep sleep and never forget me. You know how much I care. With tears I write this short piece moma.”

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