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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Dana Airline Reveals Why Its Plane Landed In The Bush After Overshooting The Runway At The Port Harcourt International Airport

Dana plane that skidded off runway
Many people were left in serious shock after Dana Airlines plane skidded off the runway and landed in the bush at the Port Harcourt International Airport. The management of Dana Airlines Ltd has issued a statement revealing what made its plane skid off the runway before landing in the bush at the Port Harcourt International Airport. The management said on Tuesday, 20th February, 2018, that the incident was caused as a result of very stormy weather and severe winds upon landing.
Read the statement below:
Inclement weather Causes Dana Aircraft Runway Overshoot in Port Harcourt
"On Tuesday, 20th February, 2018, one of our aircraft operating Abuja-PHC skidded off the runway at the Port Harcourt International Airport as a result of very stormy weather and severe winds upon landing.

Thankfully there were no casualties and ALL passengers and crew on board were disembarked safely with the timely response from the ground emergency services.

We are grateful for the swift reaction of the emergency response teams and safe evacuation of all on board.

We commend our pilots who were able to navigate the aircraft to a complete stop under the circumstance and brought all the precious lives of our passengers and crew to safety.

We wish to once again reassure our guests that their safety and comfort will remain our top priority and we shall continue to adhere strictly to high standards and recommended practices as required by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority."

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