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Sunday, 18 March 2018

What Femi Otedola told me the day I met him – Dice Ailes

Budding Nigerian singer Dice Ailes, who released a song titled Otedola, has stated that he didn’t do the song to get money from the oil tycoon, who is the father to another celebrity DJ Cuppy.

Ever since the release of the song, the profile of Dice Ailes whose real names are Damilola Alesh, in the music industry has soared. While the song has brought him closer to Otedola and his children, the Chocolate City singer insists that he didn’t think of such benefit when he was making the song.

He told Sunday Scoop:

“Whatever you do, people will always have their reservations and opinions, but I didn’t do the song to get money from Otedola or to get close to his family. I was just having fun. Surprisingly, upon releasing the song, I got to meet Otedola and he gave me a lot of money. I am also close to the family members and I call him on the telephone whenever I like. I didn’t plan for all these as some people have said.”

On what inspired the song, he explained:

“Like I said earlier, I wasn’t paid to sing about Otedola. In the song, I was calling many names. I was just looking for iconic names that would bring out the best in the song. Since I was talking about money and Otedola is a billionaire, I felt I should use his name. Honestly, anything could have been the title of the song, but I settled for Otedola because it was one of the first names I mentioned while singing.”

Recalling his first meeting with Otedola, Dice Ailes, who also released a new song, Mr. Biggs, last week, admitted that he was very excited:

“Before the song, I never had the chance to meet Otedola. But a few days after I released it, I saw him. I was just asking questions because I wanted to know many things. The first question I asked was how he made his wealth. He just laughed and told me that ‘if you are striving to get rich, you may never get rich’.

Being with the billionaire made me realise that you could be anything you want to be if you put your mind to it. The song is a blessing to me because it has brought me closer to some icons,” Ailes said.


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