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Friday 6 April 2018

#BBNaija: Anto Strips Down As Tobi Paints Her Bare Bum (Video)

Tobi painting Anto's bum
Big Brother Housemate, Anto has stripped from her waist down and allowed fellow housemate Tobi to paint her bum.The drama taking place in the Big Brother Naija house is getting quite interesting as housemates engage in different unprecedented activities.
Sometime last night, Tobi while having a chat with fellow housemate, Anto, told her that he would like to paint her bare bum and hang it on the wall. Anto who seemed delighted at the prospect, agreed immediately.
Tolu who was present, did not look happy at the proposal and said he was not comfortable with the idea. However, his protest could not stop anything as both Anto and Tobi proceeded to the dressing room area of the house for the painting to take place.
While there, Anto stripped from her waist down and held a wrapper up to cover her modesty while Tolu stood behind her, painting her bum.
At the end of the exercise, Tolu displayed his work.
This has however, not gone down well with Lolu’s fans who feel that it was disrespectful.
Watch a video showing Tobi's work below: 

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