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Friday, 6 April 2018

Controversy Trails Publicized Picture Of Linda Ikeji's Alleged Fiance

Sandra Ikeji has been accused of purposely misleading the media on the identity of her sister, Linda Ikeji's fiance who is being concealed from the public like a contraband product. 
Ever since the news of celebrity Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji hit the internet, everyone has been patiently waiting to see the picture of the lucky man. 
Efforts of some journalists to unveil the identity of the reported former boyfriend who returned from abroad has failed with Linda Ikeji's family members and close associates remaining tight-lipped about him.
Linda Ikeji's kid sister, Sanda today technically played the media with a supposed picture of Linda's man.
"He sooooo fine. Pop the question already babes. My answer is YES! Lol if my sister cashh me ehhh. My inlaw so fine, so calm. Love you." were her words on her Instagram yesterday night giving people the false idea that the man might be Linda's husband-to-be.
Her words when carefully analyzed pointed to the direction of her 37-year old rich sister who has gone public about her desire to settle down over the years.
Fans of Linda stormed the page to drop congratulatory messages about her impending wedding as Sandra watched from a distance without uttering a word as if she enjoyed the way the drama played out.
However, new details have emerged that the young man who has been identified as Emeka happens to be Linda's brother-in-law. Edna happily got married to Emeka in 2010.
Emeka and Edna on their wedding day 8 years ago
Sandra and Linda have both failed to respond to the rumours making people feel it was a scripted plan to hijack the media space again like Nigerian public personalities are used to with a record of attention-seeking stunts.

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