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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Sad! 27-Year-Old Man Commits Suicide After His Wife Ran Away With Her Lover (Photos)

The man killed himself after his wife eloped with another man
A man who couldn't take the betrayal by his wife has decided to take his own life leaving his loved ones in deep pain. A 27-year-old man identified as Kimuli Joseph has taken his own life after discovering that his wife, Nassali conned him and disappeared with another man. The tragic incident took place in Uganda.
According to UgBlizz, Joseph who has been abroad and sending money to his wife returned to his home country to discover that she had been lavishing the money on her lover.
The deceased did not only meet the absence of the mother of his child but also an empty house. Before his demise, Joseph discovered that she didn’t build a house despite the money he had been sending to her for their building project.
These consequently propelled Joseph to take his life since all he had laboured for had fallen on futile grounds as his wife had chosen to squander them with her lover.
In a suicide note left by Joseph which he wrote in his local language, Luganda, he clearly indicated why he deserved to die because he was betrayed by his own wife.
In the letter, Joseph told Nassali to go enjoy her lavish lifestyle as he (Joseph) dies in despair and sheer pain.

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