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Thursday 5 April 2018

Wow! Nigerian Man Tattoos Wizkid And Davido's Faces On His Back In Abuja (Photos)

The tattoo artists at work
A man who is apparently a die-hard fan of Davido and Wizkid, has gone to a great length to show his admiration for the duo. 
Photos have shown how a Nigerian man tattooed the faces of Nigerian singers, Davido and Wizkid to his back in Abuja.
Abuja-based tattoo artists, Frankiespez and Pharoah's Hound, who drew the tattoos, shared the photos online showing the process and the aftermath of the work.
In one of the photos, the young man who was getting the tattoos, is seen lying on his face as the two artists work on his back, inking the faces of the musicians on him. 
In the other photos, the young man's back is displayed for the camera after he had gotten the tattoos, showing Wizkid's face on one side and Davido's face on the other.
See more photos below:

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