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Friday, 4 May 2018

Woman Suffering From Depression Goes To India To Treat Herself...What Happens Next Is Unbelievable

Liga’s body was found in a mangrove forest, but it had been badly decomposed (Picture: SWNS)
A woman who was suffering from depression has met a horrific end after she traveled to India to treat herself. A report by Metro UK has shown that a Latvian woman who was being treated for depression in India was found hanging upside down after suffering a brutal death.
Liga Skromane, a Latvian living in Dublin, was drugged, r*ped and beheaded before her body was taken to woodland in Thiruvallam, India.
She was then hanged upside down in the mangrove forest and her badly decomposing body was found on April 21. Liga, 33, had travelled to the country to be treated for her depression at an ayurvedic centre, NDTV reported.
She vanished a few weeks after arriving and police said that she was lured to her death by two men who forced her to take drugs and r*ped her.
Her sister Ilze told NDTV: ‘I am aware of the police investigations and they have been in touch with me. For now I am focusing on the funeral.
‘She loved Kerala and had received a lot of love and support, we don’t want to leave India with only bad memories.
‘The funeral will be a private affair and on Sunday there will be a memorial, which will be open to public. It will be a tribute to her life.’
Her sister Ilze said that she loved Kerala and had received a lot of love and support (Picture: SWNS)
Sources described the suspects as drug peddlers and one of them is a known s*x offender, targeting both men and women.
A post-mortem has been carried out and despite her body being badly decomposed they found evidence of drugs, s*xual assault and being strangled.
Manoj Abraham said: ‘The victim was lured into this area, given drugs and sexually assaulted. She was murdered when she resisted.’
He added: ‘The accused thought they will be able to give it an impression of suicide if they left the body hanging.
‘We have worked on circumstantial evidence and have made a water-tight case. The police officers who probed the case will be given a badge of honour.’
Her funeral took place yesterday and two men are in custody.

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