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Monday, 25 June 2018

How 'Angels' On Social Media Raised Alarm About Dbanj's Swimming Pool 3 Weeks Before Son's Death

Dbanj and son
Following the untimely death of the son of popular singer, Dbanj, a Twitter user has revealed the warnings and precautionary advice some Nigerians had given the singer. A Twitter user identified as Tobi Samson (@tobisampson) has taken to the social networking platform to reveal the precautions some Nigerians had advised Dbanj to take over the unprotective nature of his swimming pool before the untimely death of singer's 1-year-old son.
Although, most of their concerns ended up in the archives of Instagram's data, Tobi has chosen this moment to point out that the seemingly inevitable could have been prevented five weeks ago when people showed just how dangerous the pool actually was for any child. 
Tobi who shared comments of social media users warning Dbanj over the swimming pool's threat to the life of his young son wrote; "Not 1, not 2, not 3... up to 7 angels in the form of followers raised an alarm 5wks ago when they noticed the indoor pool in a video dbanj posted with his now late son. My heart is crying."
Read the heart-breaking yet innocent messages that could have perhaps, saved a life below. 

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