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Saturday, 23 June 2018

How Mamuzee Twins Killed Their Own Mother - Sister Makes Fresh Revelation

A sister of Nigerian singers, the Mamuzee Twins, has made a fresh allegation about how the singing duo killed their mother. It will be recalled that during the week, the singing duo Mamuzee Twins were called out on social media by Daddy Showkey who accused them of neglecting their mother for 17 years until she died at the Igando General Hospital, Lagos, a few days ago.
While the singers decided to keep mum till their mother is buried, the last child of the family, Augusta, who was present during the old woman’s final hour, told Saturday Beats that their mother’s death was caused by the singing twins.
In a chat with Saturday Beats, Augusta noted that the twins had abandoned their mother for about 17 years. She added that the last time their mother saw them, they laid a curse on her.
She said, “About six years ago, our mother was so unhappy with the fact that she had not seen her sons for a very long time, so she took two pastors and went to their house and according to the pastors that went with her, immediately they saw our mother, they went inside the room and came out with a bible. Then they stood on the Bible and placed a curse on our mother. They said that if she had come with any evil intention, she would die in a week. The pastors said that our mother could not cry; she just began to sweat.
"When they got back to my house, my mother could not say a word. That was the final straw that broke the camel’s back because after that day, we began to visit several hospitals over her health. Although I never tried to reach out to Mamuzee because I was very upset with them, some of my other siblings reached out to them but couldn’t get through them.
"About two months ago, I noticed that our mother could neither eat nor drink anything.  I got a nurse to treat her and we were told that she had malaria. When her health was getting worse, I rushed her to Igando General Hospital and to my surprise, I got Daddy Showkey’s call. He was our childhood friend even though he is older than Tony and Andrew. We all loved him. When I picked his call, the next question he asked was about our mother. By that time our mother was in a coma,  Daddy Showkey asked me to do a video call when I was with my mother so that he could see for himself and I did as he instructed.

“My father-in-law advised me to take a picture of my mother in her comatose state and send it to all my siblings via Whatsapp. Every one of them responded, even the two that are abroad except Mamuzee. It was obvious that they saw it but they did not respond. All my mother’s children living in Nigeria rushed to the hospital to see her except Tony and Andrew and the two that are abroad kept calling constantly.”
She told Saturday Beats that their mother begged God to have twins for ten years before her request was granted, sadly the twins she asked for did not treat her well. Augusta stated that their mother died of heartbreak, no thanks to Mamuzee.
“While she was alive and ill, she was always calling Mamuzee. There was a time I had to go to Bayelsa to get some of her things. There was a box where she kept her documents, I stumbled on her Bible and prayer books and the only thing she asked from God was for her twins to return to her.   Our mother died of heartbreak and depression.
"The amazing thing is that our mother never laid a curse on them. Our mother gave birth to ten children and we all have children of our own. If our mother was a witch, she could have killed us or her grandchildren but we are all healthy and doing very fine in life. We do not know where the story that they do not have children emanated from because they both have kids. Tony and Andrew killed our mother. It is Mary and Martha that are doing this to them. All is not well, I saw what they posted on Instagram about our mother’s death. They do not even have her recent picture except the one I sent when our mother was in a coma. The picture that they are posting online is the one my mother took after we just returned from Ghana in 1985. We started our lives in Ghana before our mother brought us back to Nigeria and singlehandedly raised us. Now they are calling this same woman a witch. Tony and Andrew cannot be forgiven. I did not comment because I do not want to have anything to do with them.
"Tony and Andrew killed my mother and they would not find peace. My mother’s spirit would take vengeance. I give God the glory that my mother held her peace till the very end. My mother prayed for ten years to have twins and when she finally had Tony and Andrew, it was as if they were her only children. My siblings were angry that our mother really loved them but now that we are grown up, we understand. They would not go unpunished,” she said.

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