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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Meet The Beautiful Model Who Wants Women To Remain Virgins Till Their Wedding Night (Photos)

Courtney Raine
A beautiful model has stunned her many fans on social media after revealing that she is a virgin and will remain so till her wedding night. A 21-year-old model and YouTube vlogger has revealed she's waiting until she's married before she has s*x.
Courtney Raine, who has nearly 10,000 followers on the social media channel, wants to inspire other women to stay "pure" before their wedding night.
A devout Catholic, Courtney insists she doesn't judge other women who have s*x before marriage, says she has chosen to remain a virgin until marriage because it "protects us emotionally and physically".
The video, 'UNSPOKEN Truth About Waiting Until Marriage' which she posted on her Youtube channel last month, has had more than 90,000 views.
Courtney blames "social media, pop culture, TV and music" for putting pressure on women to have s*x before marriage.
She wants to also reach out to high school girls who are being bullied about their virginity "because it isn't going to make them cool".
Courtney stresses the benefits of waiting for the "right person" is knowing that the person you're with is "in it for you, they love your personality, they love you, they love everything about you and it's not just the physical part of it."
As well as this, she discusses how she believes it can emotionally protect you and that you'll never have to worry about getting pregnant.
According to Courtney, the video is made for other girls similar to her, in a situation where they're finding it hard to abstain from having s*x with a partner due to "pop culture, television and music" influencing them.
She goes on to list her reason why she, and why others should follow suit.
Other girls that she knows have been hurt in the past by guys that claimed they wanted to marry them, but changed their mind after s*x.
She believes that "waiting that extra year or two years" will make it worth the wait, as she believes this guarantees that they're in it for all of you.
She refers to being a virgin as being 'pure'.
Courtney, who wears purity rings, says she believes God has put in the bible that people should abstain from sex in order to prevent being hurt, both emotionally and physically.
And her tips for avoiding "temptation"?
If your partner is tempted by seeing you in a swimsuit, then avoid that and don't spent the night in the same bed as them.
Courtney says that these tips help you from "avoiding the situation" but her most bold claim is telling others to just "avoid talking about it [s*x] altogether".
Source: The Sun UK

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