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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Talent: These Unbelievable Cakes With Hyper-Realistic Designs Will Totally Blow You Away (Photos)

A super talented cake designer has caught attention worldwide with her incredible abilities to make hyper-realistic designs. Elena Gnut is a 31-year-old pastry chef born and based in Russia. Her works have widely caught attention because of their quality.
The talented woman has over the years, made extremely detailed, unbelievable cakes of precision and realism. She shares her incredible work with the world via her Instagram account which currently has more than 199k followers.
There is no doubt at all that Gnut’s imagination and creativity is endless. This is because each cake she designs is a different piece of art, with a unique style and theme. Her artwork or pastries always remain authentic and original, although she does take inspiration from film characters or cartoons.
She has gained lots of fans and customers from all over the world who try to catch a glimpse of her awesome creations.
Below are more photos showing Gnut's art:

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