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Monday, 18 June 2018

Wow! Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Customized Range Rover After Blindfolding Her In Helicopter (Photos)

Joseph proposed with a Range Rover
A man has staged a grand proposal to his girlfriend with a brand new customized Range Rover after flying her with helicopter. Joseph Rakich, a very popular New Zealand fitness trainer, pulled off a most romantic proposal yesterday and it was done in a unique and beautiful way.
The fitness trainer flew his lover in a helicopter to a place called Eden Park where the proposal happened.
The woman, identified as Mary was blindfolded in the helicopter because Joseph wanted it to be a surprise to her.
Mary was blindfolded in the helicopter
When they reached Eden Park, she was allowed to walk towards a giant pink box and to her surprise it was a customized Range Rover with her favorite colour.
Joseph then went down on one knee and asked to the love of his life, Mary to marry him .
Of course, she said yes! 
Watch the video below:

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