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Tuesday 10 July 2018

Check Out DJ Consequence's Wedding Cake (Photos)

DJ Consequence and Olayemisi
DJ Consequence's wedding ceremony featured a cake that was taller than most of the attendees of the colourful event. Big cheers to one of Nigeria's disc jockey, DJ Consequence and his beautiful bride, Olayemisi Williams on their wedding.
The couple's wedding took place in Lagos on July 7, 2018. The very massive cake at the wedding ceremony was the centre of attraction at the event. Rumours have it that the beautiful cake will be worth a very handsome amount.
The delectable bride and DJ Consequence got hitched in Lagos after an engagement in the same South-western State.
Tagged #TheVibesWedding, DJ Consequence noted in a pre-wedding picture shared on his Instagram account that the wedding is not the regular wedding ceremony.
The groom was just as captivating and excited alongside his bride. Some of the popular figures at the wedding include Quilox nightclub boss, Shina Peller and Pretty Mike

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