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Tuesday 10 July 2018

Meet the Most Stylish Man In Africa

James Maina
A man who has been described as the most stylish man in the African continent has been revealed by BBC Africa, as he makes revelation about his flamboyant lifestyle.An exclusive interview with BBC Africa, have reavealed the stylish lifestyle of James Maina Mwangi, from the Nairobi area of Kenya, who describe himself as "the most stylish and smartest man in Africa" because of his dress style.
In the interview, Maina said he has about 160 suits, more than 300caps and over 200 pairs of shoes among many others, adding that whenever he goes out, he steps out in matching outfits.
According to him, if he's wearing a green suit, he must match it with 'green shoes, green shirt, green cap, green handkerchief, green underwear, green pen, and a green cover of my phone.'
Speaking further, he explained that when he first came to Nairobi, he was wearing one shirt and people were laughing at him because his father was very poor. So he then ask God to bless him with something different from other people.
Watch the hilarious video of his interview below;

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