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Tuesday 31 July 2018

Nigerian Man Reveals What Happened After Returning $3000 Mistakenly Transferred To His Account

Rex David
A Nigerian man who is based in the Brussels area of Belgium, has opened up on what happened after he returned a huge amount of foreign currencies mistakenly sent to him. A Nigerian man identified as Rex David, has taken to the social networking platform, Twitter (@asilarex) to reveal to his followers what happened when he returned $3000 mistakenly transferred to him.
The Brussels, Belgium-based young man who shared his story on social media, wrote:
"A lady at Bank of America teller mistakenly transfers $3,000 to my account.
"To cut the long story short, I walk into the bank with a cheque today and the manager couldn’t stop thanking me like she didn’t believe I was coming. And the lady that made the error was almost in tears."

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