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Thursday 30 August 2018

Adorable Photos From The Wedding Of A Visually Impaired Man And His Beautiful Bride

The couple
Photos have emerged showing how a visually impaired man got married to his wife in a ceremony attended by friends and family. Indeed, love is a beautiful thing. When one is in love, the person becomes blind to so many things and nothing else matters but their partners.
This is proven in concrete terms by this couple who got married recently. Photos of the couple have taken over the internet, causing quite a stir and getting tongues wagging.
One thing which has gotten people talking is the fact that the groom is visually impaired. Photos of the man posing with his wife after their marriage, show him with his eyes closed as he grabs the woman's hand.
The woman on her part is apparently very happy. A huge smile plays out on her lips as she holds onto her man. Her husband's condition of blindness is does not border her at all.
Internet users have expressed their happiness for the couple with many agreeing that love is blind albeit beautiful, and that beauty is more pronounced in the eye of the beholder.
Truly, love conquers all.
The identify of the couple is not known as at press time but they widely believed to be Nigerian.
See more photos below:

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