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Monday 20 August 2018

Did BBNaija Star, Nina Really Buy Her University Certificate? Check Out What She Has To Say

Big Brother Naija star, Nina, has addressed the widespread rumours about her buying her university certificate. 

My upbringing was exciting and I didn’t lack anything. Though I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, my parents did all they could do to give my siblings and I the best. We are five children; I am the fourth child but the last girl.  I have two sisters and two brothers. My mother is a businesswoman and a contractor, while my father has stopped working. He was an engineer prior to retirement. My parents are very strict Christians. My mother, for instance, doesn’t believe in pampering children. All the times I misbehaved, she didn’t hesitate to use the cane or slap me. Till today, she doesn’t tolerate any form of indiscipline from her children.
I have always wanted to be a celebrity and a wealthy woman. I guess my dream is coming to reality.
For my elementary education, I attended Wesley International Nursery and Primary School, Owerri, Imo State. I later proceeded to the Federal Government Girls College, Umuahia, Abia State. I recently finished my university education at the Imo State University, Owerri, where I studied English Language and Literary Studies.
Parental support
Inasmuch as I was brought up in a strict way, my parents have always seen me as a go-getter and they are usually surprised by the things I do despite my young age. They have always given me the freedom to do the things that I like to do. Even though I didn’t inform them that I wanted to go for the Big Brother Naija audition, they didn’t try to stop me when I told them about it. My mother was only worried that it could affect my studies, but I assured her I would catch up once I was done with the reality show.  My parents have always supported my dreams.
When I was selected for BBNaija 2018, I didn’t go into the house with the intention of winning; I just wanted to be among the top five. But at some point, I didn’t think I would last long in the house as I became scared and overshadowed by other housemates. Being among the last five was a big surprise to me; I think God has a hand in my feat.
A lot of things have changed about me. I have a business of my own and I am open to a lot of opportunities right now. I am known by many now and also a graduate.
I am happy I was able to graduate with my peers despite the time I spent at BBNaija. I am aware that a lot of people think I bought my certificate, but I really worked hard when I returned to school. I spoke with my lecturers on the way forward and I was asked to retake the examinations I missed. I had to sit for two examinations within a short period. I didn’t miss assignments and tests; I submitted all my assignments before I went for Big Brother.
It has not been easy coping with the expectations and challenges that come with fame. Sometimes, I wish I could go back to my life before BBNaija but it is not possible. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Yes, truly I wish I could still go back to the former Nina  because I don’t have my privacy any longer. I cannot even live the way I want, as people are watching me closely.
Picture theft
According to my business page handler, she collected a photo from someone and used it on my page because we had the hair. The next thing I saw was a lady accusing me of using her hair to promote my business. I try to ignore many things and replying her was unnecessary. I only used her picture; I didn’t take her hair. I don’t need negative things in my life, which explains why I didn’t take it seriously.  I have developed a thick skin to negative comments and criticisms. I am getting used to social media and its drama, though I try as much as possible to stay away from it.
To be honest with you, I meet admirers every day but I don’t take them seriously. I feel they are all interested in my fame. I am just friends with people who knew me before I became famous.
Based on past experience, I try to keep my relationship private. My relationship with Miracle is personal. I regard myself as a romantic lady;as long as I love the person.
Acid threat on Cee-C
I don’t really want to talk about their issues (Cee-C, Tobi and Alex), but I don’t have anything against any former housemate. The fact that I have decided not to say a word on their feud doesn’t mean I didn’t see it.
Current projects
We are working on our new body products; soaps, creams and others. I am currently collaborating with Tiannah’s Empire and we will announce it soon. People can call me whatever they like but I call myself a businesswoman.
I have always loved fashion since my childhood. The way I dress depends on my mood and where I’m heading to. However, I like pink and black colours.
I like to swim and stay indoors with my loved ones. Whenever I am home, I like to watch movies or read books on romance and business.
Source: Punch Metro

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