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Friday 17 August 2018

How Child Who Choked To Death Allegedly Came Back To Life By A Song - Hospital Worker Narrates

The chess pawn swallowed by the child
A hospital worker has narrated how a child who died after swallowing chess pawn 'came back to life' because of a pastor's song in Kogi state. 
Here's how Mrs Rachael J. Ochibi, a member of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Lokoja Central, narrated the story on social media;
"On Friday 10th of August, a child was rushed to the hospital where i work (at the military hospital Lokoja) bleeding from the nose and mouth profusely and later gave up (he actually swallowed a chess pawn). 

"In that condition, i laid him on my chest inside the ambulance, prayed for him and began to play senior pastor's  (Dr. pastor Paul Enenche) song (when you are there) from my phone into the ears of the lifeless child. 

"Immediately the child jacked back to life and was later booked for surgery. But before the surgery could take place, he vomited the chess pawn which he swallowed and was later discharged without surgery. Praise the Lord. Mrs Rachael J. Ochibi, Dunamis Lokoja Central."

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