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Friday 10 August 2018

How I Escaped Being Killed By A Stray Bullet Inside My Room In Port Harcourt - Lady Narrates (Photos)

Era-dSonia sharing the story
A young lady is publicly thanking God for sparing her life after she escaped a stray bullet which found its way into her room. A Twitter user identified as Era-dSonia (@EraSoniad), has taken to the social networking platform to thank God for saving her life after a stray bullet pierced through the roof of her room in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.
The young lady disclosed that she was sleeping in her room when the bullet came few inches away from her head. She added that she has nothing to say other than to thank God.
She wrote: “A stray bullet literally just came into my room right through the roof.... a few inches from my head. JUST RIGHT NOW!!!! I have nothing to say. Truly, safety is of the Lord.”
Sonia revealed further that she had no idea a robbery was going on close to her house around 1am when the bullet came into her room.
“I had no idea they were robbing outside my house by then. I was really asleep but I realized what had happened by 1am,” she added.

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